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Second Mortgage

Lending Square Group - Investment & Loan Services

Second Mortgages Approved Borrow Upto 85% of Home Value

Lending Square Group is one of the primary sources of private capital for second mortgages. Our firm belief is that all Canadians should be able to access their hard earned equity regardless of their credit or income standing. Lending Square Group has established itself as a leading mortgage brokerage for hard to place second mortgage deals for borrowers with bruised credit or insufficient income.

We have helped borrowers get second mortgages up to 85% LTV to maximize their equity. Our minimum loan amount is $50,000 but Lending Square Group is well recognized in the industry for arranging high amount second mortgages. Our direct access to immense private capital allows us to approve homeowners within hours & offer the most competitive terms.

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We actively work with mortgage investors to provide the lowest cost for 2nd mortgages.  Many clients get stuck with 2nd mortgages at the time of maturity. We plan ahead with our clients to ensure their goals are accomplished & appropriate refinancing is in place to pay off the 2nd mortgage.

  1. Mortgage Terms for Each Client
  2. 24 Hour Approvals
  3. Direct Funding
  4. Transparent Process
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Type of Mortgages & Home Loans

Second Mortgage
Bad Credit Mortgage
Private Mortgage
Debt Consolidation Loan
Home Equity Loan
Home Purchase
Cash-Out Refinance
POS/Mortgage Arrears
Mortgage Refinance
Reverse Mortgages
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I'm so happy I found Fairstone to be interested in lending me 10 000$ which is good for me. I honor them now, there so helpful!
Amanda Lee
Second Mortgage
Lending Square Group is a highly organized company that keeps trying to help there clients find a suitable loan. Although I haven't got one yet, I have full confidence that they will find me some help soon.
Timothy Stevens
I have 2 current unsecured loans that will probably affect my chances of receiving a loan now. But maybe I will qualify for a debt relief program that can help reduce the interests I'm paying.
Catherine Gilbert
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