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Lending Square Group - Investment & Loan Services

What We Can Do For You

Lending Square Group works with a variety of mortgage brokers throughout Ontario. Our deals are mainly sourced from our brokers, we do not solicit the borrower directly. We offer; fast turnaround, competitive rates, and ongoing communication. We are a fair and flexible lender and will work with the broker and borrower if any issues arise. 

Underwriting Guidelines

  • Properties throughout southern Ontario
  • Up to 85% LTV;
  • Mostly urban residential properties but will consider, mixed use, and some rural areas
    rental properties up to 6 units
  • No minimum credit scores or max GDS ratios
  • Can fund deals in 2-3 business days
  • Mortgage types 1st, 2nd
  • Flexible terms and renewal option ​
  • Prepayment penalties only 3 month of interest
  • Property values under 2 million but willing to go higher on blanket properties
  • No second mortgages behind private lenders
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Our Commitment

  • Same or next day response on all offers
  • Commitments within 24 hours
  • Deals funded in 2-3 business days
  • Regular status updates
  • Customized deals, for your clients
  • Treat all brokers borrowers with fairness and respect

Type of Mortgages & Home Loans

Second Mortgage
Bad Credit Mortgage
Private Mortgage
Debt Consolidation Loan
Home Equity Loan
Home Purchase
Cash-Out Refinance
POS/Mortgage Arrears
Mortgage Refinance
Reverse Mortgages
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What My Clients Say?

I'm so happy I found Fairstone to be interested in lending me 10 000$ which is good for me. I honor them now, there so helpful!
Amanda Lee
Second Mortgage
Lending Square Group is a highly organized company that keeps trying to help there clients find a suitable loan. Although I haven't got one yet, I have full confidence that they will find me some help soon.
Timothy Stevens
I have 2 current unsecured loans that will probably affect my chances of receiving a loan now. But maybe I will qualify for a debt relief program that can help reduce the interests I'm paying.
Catherine Gilbert
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