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Lending Square Group - Investment & Loan Services

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We are passionate about providing all our Investors with great investment opportunities and work vigorously with our brokers to ensure we have a constant stream of quality mortgages to offer. 

Managements diverse range of expertise provides a unique outlook on potential private lending opportunities which benefits investors, brokers and borrowers. 

Lending Square Group is responsible for all facets of the mortgage operations: sourcing of mortgage opportunities, analysis and underwriting of mortgages, and structuring and facilitating the related legal transactions. We manage and administer a wide range of mortgages for our investors. 

Type of Mortgages & Home Loans

Second Mortgage
Bad Credit Mortgage
Private Mortgage
Debt Consolidation Loan
Home Equity Loan
Home Purchase
Cash-Out Refinance
POS/Mortgage Arrears
Mortgage Refinance
Reverse Mortgages
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I'm so happy I found Fairstone to be interested in lending me 10 000$ which is good for me. I honor them now, there so helpful!
Amanda Lee
Second Mortgage
Lending Square Group is a highly organized company that keeps trying to help there clients find a suitable loan. Although I haven't got one yet, I have full confidence that they will find me some help soon.
Timothy Stevens
I have 2 current unsecured loans that will probably affect my chances of receiving a loan now. But maybe I will qualify for a debt relief program that can help reduce the interests I'm paying.
Catherine Gilbert
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